In accordance with our passion for dance, we have named the event ‘IDS ADHRIT’, with Adhrit meaning opportunity to shine in Sanskrit. We aim to bring together a number of dance teams across London to showcase their best dance forms and their vibrant and energetic dancers. 


This is the first prestigious event for dancers only, which celebrates various dance forms from Contemporary to Classical and Modern.


Our goal for the evening is to portray the rich culture of art through the expression of one of the most inspiring means: dance, and to treat the audience to a spectacular and entertaining event.


“ids Adhrit 2K18 is a night to be remembered”


In this year event we are targeting maximum of 600 audience and we want to do it houseful. There is event insurance, Hall booking, stage, lighting, sound, costumes and even licenses needed before getting off of the ground. We are looking for partners in the community willing to sponsor our event to offset these costs.



WHEN – Saturday, 17th February  2018, 5.30pm- 10pm


WHERE - Beck Theatre, Hayes


WHY – To celebrate dance in our community 


ORGANISED BY - idance studio uk


PARTNERS - Ray of hope, Nachiyar events


TARGET AUDIENCE – Local families; adults, teens, children and anyone who enjoys dance.


MEDIA – Vanakkam London, Jananam


SUMMARY OF THE EVENT – Festival event featuring rich culture of dance at Beck Theatre.