I DANCE STUDIO (IDS) is established in 2012 with a small group of students and now it comprises of more than 60 students. IDS is an artistic dance company run in partnership with a non-profitable charity “RAY OF HOPE”. Our mission is to create a dance platform for passionate young dancers. We strive to provide an environment for young and adult dancers to learn and be inspired through the art of dance.


IDS is under the management of MR.PRASATH KRISHNARAJAH who is a certified choreographer of south India. We teach all western dance form through professional dance  instructors. During our journey we have participated in lots of charity shows and few artistic show within which “Megamaalai, Gaana Battle and IBC Nadanarajas Dance competition are some of our latest dance shows.


We believe dancing with feet is one thing, but dancing with heart is another. So we have built not only the technique in dance but also the passion in every student which makes them a great dancer. We are passionate about helping the community and people within it.